USMaps is 100% free ..

USMaps is 100% free and it will always be this way. But even though I'm trying to cover all expenses with advertisements, it can be challenging. Many, many hours has been put into this project and it has all been done in my sparetime while studying full time.

If you want to send a donation, it will help the site a lot. Even though it doesn't give you any benefits, it's a nice way to show your appreciation.

Wondering why there's so many expenses?

To find out where a Monster is, I have to send a bot out to find it. I have to do this for every single Monster that appears. Think about the amount of accounts required for this - and then think about the hardware required to run this. USMaps' servers (yes, multiple) are very powerful.

When a Monster is then found, it has to be put into a database. This database gets filled with data 24/7 and when someone visits a map, it has to go through all this data and pull out only the relevant data. That is actually where most of the hardwares resources are being used.

How to donate

MobilePay (Denmark Only)

You can send your donation to 53 40 57 80.
Please make sure you're sending money to Steffen.


If you're unable to donate through MobilePay or wants to pay using your PayPal balance or Credit Card, you can use PayPal instead.